The Man With The Million Dollar Hair


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Star athletes get body parts insured all the time - David Beckham's legs were recently insured for $70mm USD as were baseball player, Barry Bond's arms. So the fact that Troy Polamulu got something insured was not surprising - What was, is that it had nothing to do with football.

The Pittsburg Steelers' star safety who sports a beautiful silky mane of hair, that has reportedly not seen a scissor for at least a decade, is apparently also the spokesperson for Procter and Gamble's Head and Shoulders shampoo.

The company wanting to ensure that these precious locks remain preserved, approached specialist insurance provider, Lloyds of London who agreed to create the first ever policy to protect hair for the duration of this year's NFL season.

Why would any company go to such lengths? Because Troy's hair, which hangs temptingly out of his helmet has often been used by the opposing team to stop him. The most famous incident occurred in 2006, when former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson, tackled him, by pulling at his hair!

How the company and the insurer came up with the value and what will trigger a million dollar payoff remains a mystery known only to the three parties involved - But it's a nice amount of chump change for hair, isn't it?


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