Will Mexico City Be Home To The World's First 'Earthscraper'


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We have all heard of skyscrapers - those towering structures that dominate city landscapes all over the world - But an Earthscraper? That's got to be a first. The incredible concept which entails building a 65-story structure underground, is the brainchild of Mexican firm BNKR Arquitectura, as an attempt to get around Mexico City's eight-floor building limit.

The design envisions a pyramid-shaped glass structure that will completely be built under the surface of the earth - So much so, that the city square it is situated on, will remain as is. The 65 floors will not only house offices and residences, but also, a museum and cultural center. The Earthscraper will receive natural light from a giant gap in the middle of the building, as well as, a glass rooftop, which the architects believe will double up as a spectacular venue for exhibitions and concerts.

And, while the residents, office workers and visitors will not have an ocean view, they will have a historical one - Literally! That's because the modern day Mexico City is built upon layers of ancient civilizations, dating all the way back to the 13th century, when the Aztec tribe inhabited the area. They began by building small pyramids around the lake - As their influence and power grew, so did their structures, which were built directly above the smaller ones.

When the Spaniards arrived in 1521, they put their mark by building churches above the pyramids adding yet another layer of history. Modern day dwellers have now added an additional layer to this historical sandwich. Because the Earthscraper will dig 300 meters or about 1,000 feet below the ground, the inhabitants will be be privy to some really cool ancient history, right from the comfort of their own homes and offices.

If all this sounds too good to be true, it is - At least for now, since this is just a concept the architects have come up with. But if it ever gets built, it sure will rank as one of the coolest buildings in the world - Wonder what the postal address would read. . . . . . hmmm!

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  • Anonymousover 6 years
    Hmm.... Interesting but it might fall cause of all the weight
    • awesome123almost 7 years
      I would be scard to go in that
      • iikattastic
        iikattasticalmost 8 years
      • wildpeep
        wildpeepalmost 8 years
        Why are they doing that they might harm the earth!?!
      • sasabout 8 years
        omgomg omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
        • hungerabout 8 years
          That is just weird
          • dogdogabout 8 years
            I wan't to jump off my trampoline in to that pit!!!
            • Abeezeeabout 8 years
              That is AMAZING U PEEPS!!!!!!!!
              • richhobo
                richhoboabout 8 years
                why would they put a design on it if no one will see it
              • pancake maniaover 8 years
                and then theres an earth quake