Video Of The Week - Guinness World Records Day 2011


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Thursday November 17th, was Guinness World Record Day - As the name indicates it is the day, when hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world attempt to get their name in the prestigious record book, by performing antics that range from amazing to the most bizarre.

This year was no exception. The record breaking attempts ranged from the largest leprechaun gathering in Ireland, to the biggest cream tea party in Essex. In Florida, 221 students from Longleaf Elementary School set the record for the largest hula hoop workout group, while 91-year old Bernice Mary Bates received her overdue fame as the world's oldest yoga teacher.

Then there were the bizarre attempts. In Switzerland, a group of locals tried to set a new record for the most people whistling simultaneously, while inventor Edd China tried to get into the record books for the fastest toilet!

The prize for the most heart stopping attempt has to go to German stuntman Denni Dusesterhoeft who turned into a human torch and ran a distance of 120 meters (4,724ft.) - Enough to earn him the record for 'full body burn'!

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