Shanghai Creates Chocolate Wonderland


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On Friday December 16th, China opened the doors of a theme park that would have made Willy Wonka jealous! That's because inside Shanghai's World Chocolate Wonderland, everything ranging from the BMW to the sushi, is made out of chocolate!

To celebrate the opening of the delectable theme park that is housed inside the city's Himalaya Art Museum, organizers held a fashion show where models strutted around, in chocolate creations.

Those that missed it, have plenty of other works of art to admire. That's because the theme park showcases the treat in every imaginable way. There are porcelain vases, classical paintings, replica Louis Vuitton purses, trainers and even, a depiction of Shanghai's Huangpu River, flowing with liquid chocolate. However, the most impressive is the army of China's terra cotta warriors - scores of soldiers molded completely from chocolate.

Visitors to the park can also try their hand at chocolate making at the ongoing sessions, or simply, ask experts to create a custom batch to take home.

This is not the first time China has created this amazing Chocolate Wonderland. In 2010, a similar one in Beijing attracted over 500,000 visitors during the three months it was open. The officials are hoping that this one too, will attract as many, if not more visitors, before it is all taken down on February 19th 2012, and melted into one big giant bowl of hot chocolate - Yummy!


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