This Valentine's Day - The Epitome Of True Love!


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Ah! love! - That wonderful emotion that you feel for your parents, siblings, friends and . . . . . statues? Well you may not feel that, but judging from the mesmerized look on this little red squirrel's face, it has certainly caught the love bug.

The rodent's only confusion is why it is getting absolutely no reaction, even though it seems to be trying everything in it's power to attract or should we say irritate, the seemingly hard-hearted canine - including, peering into its face and prying inside its mouth.

These cute pictures were taken in a Moscow suburb by the home owner who coincidentally happens to be a photographer. He said the squirrel tried long and hard to get the dog's attention. Finally exhausted, he gave up, and settled down on the statue's head to snack on a nut.

While he had a great time watching the red squirrel run around the statue, he has no idea what attracted him to the canine. Maybe it was the similar coloring or just the challenge of climbing and performing acrobatic tricks on someone more than ten times its size. . . . . . Or maybe, it was just plain old fashioned love!


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