Lala - The Penguin That Loves To Shop!


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When one thinks of household pets, a penguin is not the first thing that comes to mind. But don’t tell that to Lala. This fourteen-year-old King Penguin not only lives with humans but also shops for food like they do!

Lala's path to domestic life began about ten years ago after he was accidentally caught in a fisherman's line. He was rescued and nursed back to health by his current family. However, when they tried to return him to the water, Lala refused to leave so, the Japanese family decided to adopt him. Today, Lala lives in a giant room with a built-in air conditioner to keep him cool and, roams around the family property like a king (penguin).

If there's one thing Lala likes more than his cold abode, is his daily trip to town. Armed with a penguin-shaped backpack, he waddles off every morning for his daily shopping spree. His first and only stop? You guessed it - The local fish store to get his daily dose of protein - One to snack on and another one to tuck inside his backpack.

The funny part is, the people of the town are so used to seeing him walking across town each morning, which nobody even bats an eyelid at this rather strange sight!

After the shopping is done, it's time for a "cool" shower. As he heads back home, a neighbor obliges by giving him a refreshing hose. Once home, Lala hands over his shopping backpack to his owner and then heads to his air-conditioned room for a well-deserved rest. Then it's dinner and family time and then back to the chamber for a good night's rest before it all begins again - the following day!


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