Horse Boarding - Yet Another Crazy Extreme Sport


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While most of us stick to conventional sports like baseball, tennis and swimming there are a few brave souls that like to take everything up a notch or two or even ten, which is why they come up with things like Underwater Ice Hockey, Tarp Surfing - And now, Horse Boarding.

As the name indicates, it entails skateboarders balancing on off-road skateboards that have been tied to a horse. As the animal gallops, it pulls the skateboarder with it, sometimes at speeds exceeding 35mph.

This new extreme sport, which has been around for only five years, was invented accidently by British stuntman Daniel Fowler-Prime, best known for his work in movies like DaVinci Code and Kingdom of Heaven. The 31-year old was fooling around with some friends at his farm, when he decided to strap his mountain board to his horse - He enjoyed the ride so much that he decided to share it with other like-minded athletes and . . . . Horse Boarding was born.

To play the sport, skateboarders don protective pressure suits and communicate with the horse rider to adjust their speed and acceleration. As you can imagine the sport is not for the faint-hearted - the ride can be quite bumpy and falling off the board has been compared to jumping out of a car that is going at a speed of 30mph. However, as Daniel puts it, the feeling of the raw surge of power and acceleration, is definitely worth a few broken bones.

It seem as though a lot of people agree with him, for Horse Boarding has become so popular that Daniel is planning to stage a National Horse Boarding competition, this summer.

The competition will entail two teams, each comprising of one horse, a rider and a skateboarder, competing against each other on a 100m course. To add some excitement, he is planning to add ramp jumps at distance of every four meters - Ouch!

This is not the first time Daniel has come up with an extreme sport - In the past the founder of the Extreme Horse Riding Association has even experimented with Horse Surfing. But, it obviously didn't take off as well as Horse Boarding. Wonder what he will think up of next!


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  • AHalmost 4 years
    I can't believe they can go 35mph
    • JLalmost 4 years
      wow that was a cool video
      • RDalmost 4 years
        love it great idea!!!! horses rule!!!!!!!
        • djtullabout 4 years
          this is cool
          • Izzieabout 4 years
            the horses were not going very fast
            • dreamgirlabout 4 years
              I love, love, love horses!
              • dreamgirlabout 4 years
                So extreme! Id rather be the one riding the horse than the one on the board tho.
                • ILOVEHORSESover 4 years
                  i also love unicorns
                  • ILOVEHORSESover 4 years
                    horses are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    • #busterover 4 years
                      I love horses even though mine died. Horses are my fav ever