Princess Beatrice's Infamous Hat Sells For Record Amount


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While Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding was spectacular as a whole, there are a few images that will remain etched in people's memories forever - Kate Middleton's beautiful dress, the young frowning flower girl and most of all, Princess Beatrice's rather unusual head gear.

When Prince William's first cousin stepped out of her car she probably heard the gasps from the crown around her. Unfortunately for the young princess, they were not out of admiration, but shock and disbelief at the hat she was sporting. It garnered so much attention that someone set up a Facebook page, where many people went all out to make fun of it. Not surprisingly, the poor princess landed at the top of the worst dressed list in most magazines. Now it turns out, that she may have had the last laugh.

The 24-year-old was so stunned with the global reaction to her hat that she decided to take advantage of it and see if she could raise some money for her favorite charities - UNICEF and Children in Crises, by listing it on auction site Ebay.

Turns out she was right - There was such a frenzy for this so-called ugly hat that the final bidder had to pay $131,000 USD - The highest price a designer hat has ever sold for on Ebay. While the bidder wishes to remain anonymous, it will be tough to do so for too long - unless he/she keeps it hidden inside a safe!

Also, while most people think it is a ridiculous over the top hat, the designer, Phillip Treacy who custom-built this sculptured ribbon pillow box, thought that the Princess looked beautiful and elegant - We guess that is why they say - beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Of course, Princess Beatrice is quite thrilled with the price she got for this headgear that brought her so much notoriety and hopes that the person who bought this piece of 'history' will have as much fun with it, as she did.


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  • evayang
    evayangabout 1 year
    Bad luck brings good luck!
    • zoeyyang
      zoeyyangabout 1 year
      The hat is so cute
      • the_mockingjay
        the_mockingjayover 3 years
        I LOOOVE the hat cuz its crazy like meh!
        • sailor_moon
          sailor_moonabout 4 years
          WHY SO UGLY?!?!?
          • Cjdjover 4 years
            • katelynnabout 5 years
              the hat is ugly
            • The girlsover 6 years
              Ugly hat
            • aleinover 6 years
              I never new hats could be hats.
              • felicisowl
                felicisowlover 7 years
                Here's what I think of the whole thing.. The whole wedding (even though it's an event that happened a LONG time ago) was beautiful - absolutely beautiful! Um, except the flower girl who looks like she smelled something foul... but I mean, maybe the cheering noise of the audience was too loud for her. Princess Beatrice's hat.. I mean, it depends on what you think is pretty. I don't think it's gorgeous, but I don't think it's all that UGLY either. It looks economical and pretty sensible, I suppose. I like the color and the little ribbon too, so I don't know why a lot of magazines even would put her on top of the WORST DRESSED LIST. There are a lot more scandalous outfits that are way worse. It's totally AMAZING that she managed to turn the situation around and have the last laugh! It turned out that a lot of people wanted to buy that hat.. and one person wanted to buy that hat for more than $100,000! I like how she donated the money to charities like UNICEF and Children in Crises :)
                • z2112
                  z2112over 7 years
                  It may be ugly but it is nice of her to sell it for charity. Wow!