The Japanese are known for their offbeat inventions - In the past, they have invented hologram music stars and even made a fashion statement with LED teeth. Now, they have come up with an even wackier creation - Air-conditioned jackets that will help you keep stylishly cool, even during the hottest summer days.

Created by Japanese manufacturer Kuchofuku, the polyester jackets that come in seven different sizes, are available with either long or short-sleeves. Each masterpiece is fitted with two battery powered electric fans at the back. While small, the fans are quite powerful and capable of circulating over 5 gallons of air per second when switched on at the highest speed and over 3 gallons on the lower setting.

Of course, just like other wacky Japanese inventions, the comfort of looking cool on a sweltering day does not come cheap. The jackets cost a whopping $186 USD and that does not include batteries or a recharger.

This is not the first unusual air-conditioned product made by Kuchofuku. They also make air-conditioned beds, seats, cushions and even a $271 USD air-conditioned shirt, which by the way, is sold out! As to why someone would need a jacket in hot weather is anybody's guess - But, incase you are one of those people feel free to order one, from