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You have all heard of 'Puss in Boots', but 'Goat in Boots' - That, has to be a first. And this four-legged animal is not a fictional character in a book or movie either, but a real life specimen that resides in the tiny village of Probus in Cornwall, England.

For the past few weeks, Maisie a 12-year old rescue goat has been sporting two pairs of stylish pink rain boots. However, in the case of this livestock animal it has nothing to do with looking fashionable, but instead, to ensure she can can get cured of her hoof rot, a serious and painful condition akin to trench foot in humans, caused by prolonged exposure to the soggy fields that she has been spending her days on, following the recent floods in the area.

The shelter's founder Maria Mulkeen decided that the only way to save the Maisie who already suffers from painful arthritis further anguish, was by protecting her hooves to help them dry off.

This is not the first time an English animal has been suited with gum boots. In 2008, a pig farmer in North Yorkshire put some green wellies on a baby pig because believe it or not, Cinders was afraid of mud! We sure hope the boots work as well for Maisie as they seemed to, for Cinders.

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