Quick Thinking Beachgoers Saves 30 Beached Dolphins


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Usually when marine mammals like dolphins and whales get stranded on beaches, people wait for experts to come and help rescue them. What usually ends up happening is that many die because of the time delay. Beachgoers in Brazil were not taking that chance - Instead, they quickly sprang to action and saved a pod of unfortunate dolphins that recently showed up along a sandy beach.

The amazing incident took place on March 9th, along the pristine coastline of Rio de Janeiro. Hundreds of people were relaxing in the sun when they suddenly noticed a pod of dolphins make their way towards the shore.

Thanks to the shallow waters they soon became beached and try as they did, could not get back into the ocean. For a few moments everybody was too stunned to do anything. Then, some quick thinking souls sprang to action and began pulling the dolphins by the tails and dragging them into deeper waters.

Realizing that they could all help, others joined in and soon, all 30 dolphins were swimming away to safety. Experts believe that the dolphins had been caught in a strong current, which had dragged them all the way to the beach. The best part is that a German tourist managed to capture this amazing rescue effort on video. Hopefully, it will inspire others to do the same, if faced with a similar situation.

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