Can You Scream For The World's Biggest Ice Cream Cone?

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What's better than having an ice cream cone? How about one that is 13 feet high and filled with one ton of ice cream? That was what the lucky people of Gloucester, England were able to witness and even better, get a sample of, on Saturday June 30th, 2012.

The colossal treat, which was 5 feet bigger than the current world record holder, was the brainchild of innovative British chef Heston Blumenthol. Besides creating the world's biggest ice cream cone, he also wanted to use the stunt as part of his new television series called Big Idea that blends his culinary skills with engineering and science to recreate his favorite childhood foods. In this particular case, it was a nod to the ice cream trucks that frequented his neighborhood when he was young.

To assist him in this gigantic task, he enrolled the services of local ice cream manufacturer Walls, who not only helped create this monster, but also, donated all the materials and labor. The company said that the task proved to be much more challenging then they had bargained for - Their biggest hurdle? Getting the giant scoop of ice cream to freeze especially, in the middle - A process that took them about a month. They also had to worry about things like protecting the cone from the pesky seagulls and if the weather would turn out to be too wet or hot on the final day.

However, it all came together like a charm on that beautiful Saturday morning. The Coca Cola flavored waffle cone was unveiled in front of the hundreds of eagerly awaiting locals - Then, a forklift carried the giant scoop of ice cream and plunked it inside. Next, they stuck in a giant piece of Flake chocolate and voila, the ice cream cone was ready!

But, what's an ice cream without toppings? In order to help the organizers with that, a few lucky kids from the audience were asked to bombard the giant cone with sprinkles and strawberry sauce using the strategically placed cannons! Though the idea didn't quite work out because neither seemed to stick, it brought out sequels of delight from both kids and adults.

While neither the chef nor the ice cream manufacturer would reveal the ingredients, Heston Blumenthol is known for his imaginative use of ingredients and is most famous for the bacon and egg ice cream that he serves at his three-Michelin star restaurant! We sure wonder what secret ingredient this giant scoop contained!


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  • Sarahover 10 years
    why?!?!? (me drooling) why did i have to look at this article?!?!?!?!?!?!? now, its the only thing i want in the world!!!(that is, if it is real!)
    • danaover 10 years
      • figgy
        figgyover 10 years
        that Looks so yummy!!
        • Lolz over 10 years
          I would eat it if it was real , but I dont believe that it is real :'(
          • Aubreyover 10 years
            I NEED THAT!!!!!!! I wish I could buy that
            • akaneoncityligh
              akaneoncitylighover 10 years
              heard of the world's largest pizza and cupcake?
              • 123345678910115over 10 years
                I WANT THAT GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                • sweettart23
                  sweettart23over 10 years
                  • spikeyman67
                    spikeyman67over 10 years
                    yumyum.he he he
                    • icecreamcake
                      icecreamcakeover 10 years
                      I think the ice cream was fake.But it look like that can eat!I want to try the coco cola flavored .but.......I want to take a spoon and put the ice cream on the spoon and then eat it.