Video Of The Week - Are You Smarter Than A Chimp?


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Humans believe that they are at the top of the food chain because they can outsmart any living being on this planet - While that may be true to some extent, animals, especially chimpanzees that share 99% of our DNA, are no dummies either.

In the video filmed by National Geographic, see how quickly and efficiently the chimp figures out how to get to a peanut that lies at the bottom of a fixed clear tube. But before you watch it, see if you can figure out the solution and prove to yourself and the world that you are . . . . . . Smarter than a chimp!

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  • adroit_avimimus
    Hmmm! Pretty fascinating! I also thought like the chimp did, although I would've brought the bowl itself or cup my hands and brought it to the tube, or of course, do what the chimp did! Also cool how chimps share 99% of our DNA!
    • kinspower10
      kinspower10almost 3 years
      Hmmmm, I wonder if I am!!!???(probably LOL)
      • Wierdo aboyrtehover 3 years
        I thought of that as well
        • Paul McCartneyover 3 years
          i thought of that
          • Payton over 3 years
            That's cool
            • juniper07
              juniper07almost 4 years
              Holy Moly!
              • chlooe
                chlooeabout 4 years
                So smart! I just finished watching the video XD
                • chlooe
                  chlooeabout 4 years
                  This brings me back from a movie I watched-MVP- and it included a chimp that was really smart! He could read lips and do sign language!
                  • i thoughtabout 4 years
                    i thought there was a little door at the bottom you could slide up to get them
                    • meover 4 years