Video Of The Week - Move Over Tony Stark, Elon Musk Is Here!


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If you are an Ironman fan you are all familiar with that awesomely cool three-dimensional interface that his alias Tony Stark is constantly manipulating to create the next awesome gadget or improve his suit. Now billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk seems to have managed to emulate that interface, except in his case it is to design a real-life rocket engine!

The founder of SpaceX and Tesla believes that 3-D interfaces will revolutionize design in the 21st century and to prove his point on September 6th, he posted a video on the company's YouTube channel that shows designers manipulating 3-D models of rocket parts. While it looks revolutionary, the billionaire who ironically is Jon Favreau's inspiration for the character of eccentric billionaire Tony Stark, actually used the readily available 'Leap Motion', which means that we can all create a similar interface quite easily! But you have to admit, it does look as impressive as the one Ironman uses - Well, almost!


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