Video Of The Week - Florida Man 'Joggles' Quad-Cities Marathon


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Completing a 26.2-mile marathon is hard enough. Now imagine running it backwards! Not impressed? How about doing all that and juggling, or as they call it 'joggling'? That believe it or not, is what Joe Salter did on the weekend of September 19th, at the Quad-Cities Marathon in Moline, Illinois.

The Florida resident who completed the event in an impressive five hours, 51 minutes and 25 seconds was hoping to set a new Guinness World Record for his feat. However, in order to qualify every minute of the event had to be recorded and since that is not allowed during some portions of the race, he was unable to stake his claim. This is not the first time Joe has brought his juggling skills to an already challenging event. In April 2012, he became the first person in the world to juggle through a triathlon!

And if you think he has started a new trend, think again. Joggling as it turns out, is already a competitive sport complete with its own world championships! Who would have guessed?


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  • optimus_fan
    optimus_fanover 2 years
    He ran a marathon juggling backwards? Wow
    • Anonymousalmost 8 years
      How can he do that! That swimming in the beginning of the video is amazing.
      • LABRATLOVERalmost 8 years
        • GRACE LOVES IDabout 8 years
          • GRACE LOVES IDabout 8 years
            I love joggling it looks fun and difficult at the same time
            • owllover12
              owllover12about 8 years
              Thats soo cool!!
              • Gotta Luv Nateabout 8 years
                I want to do that! So bad!!!!
                • Coleabout 8 years
                  my guy always changes lol
                  • Coleabout 8 years
                    very cool
                    • Coleabout 8 years
                      I wish I can do that