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Happy 2014! We hope you and your loved ones welcomed the New Year with a bang by watching a live or televised fireworks show. In case you missed them, here are a few of the most spectacular ones organized by cities all across the world. So settle down with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the show!

Sydney, Australia

Thanks to its location, Australia was one of the first continents to welcome the new year. While Sydney's fireworks display is always spectacular, this year it was even more so. Launched from the four sails of the Sydney Opera House for the first time in over a decade, it was twice the size of the display in 2013 - A fact that was well-appreciated by the 1.6 million revelers that had gathered to watch.

Hong Kong, China

As is the case every year, Hong Kong put up a mesmerizing show that began with a traditional World War II British colonial-era cannon fire. Then, the thousands of people that had gathered to watch along the city's Victoria Harbor were treated to a stunning fireworks display launched off from the nearby Kowloon Peninsula and the tops off some of the Island's tallest skyscrapers.

London, England

Despite the damp weather and drizzle, over 250,000 people lined up along the banks of the River Thames to experience the world's first multi-sensory show. They were not disappointed. Sharp at midnight a barrage of colorful fireworks and streamers appeared to shoot off Europe's tallest Ferris Wheel - The London Eye. But unlike any other fireworks display, this one was accompanied by peach snow, edible banana confetti and orange flavored bubbles that magically descended from the skies right into the eagerly awaiting mouths of the spectators. About 100,000 lucky viewers also received gift packs containing scratch n' sniff programs, LED wristbands and various fruit flavored candies all related to the tastes and smell of the unusual edible display.

New York, USA

Bone-chilling temperatures were not enough to keep away almost a million people from all across the world from gathering at the city's Times Square to witness the world famous crystal ball drop and the amazing fireworks display that followed. Some visitors that had waited for over 14 hours in the freezing cold weather to get a front seat to watch the shimmering orb with 2,688 crystals descend declared it their best New Year's celebration ever!

Dubai, UAE

While all the shows were amazing, it was this tiny desert city which already boasts the world’s tallest tower and largest man-made island that made headlines by welcoming 2014 with the biggest fireworks display ever. The six-minute extravaganza covered 94 km (61.6 miles) of the beautiful city's seafront and incorporated many of its famous landmarks. it took ten months of planning, six million dollars and over 100 computers and 200 technicians to synchronize the 500,000 fireworks that lit up the skies to form among other things - a flying falcon, a sunrise and the United Arab Emirates flag. However it was worth the effort. That's because in addition to delighting billions of people worldwide, it also managed to claim the Guinness World Record.

Did you do anything special to welcome 2014? Be sure to let us know, by adding your comments below.

Happy New(s) Year!

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