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In early January, when most East Coast residents in the USA were complaining about the frigid temperatures ushered in by the Polar Vortex, one family was having some fun - By using the unprecedented cold chill to build a gorgeous multi-colored igloo.

The idea for the family project began when eight-year-old Lexi and six-year-old Abby Trokhan saw an igloo made from used milk cartons. Given that the weather was expected to be frigid cold, they decided to convince their parents to help them build a real one with ice! Sure enough, their dad, Shawn, and mom, Eileen, agreed that it was a great idea for a family project.

The Old Tappan,New Jersey, family began by purchasing 200 cheap bread tins from a nearby Restaurant Depot. They then filled them colored water and placed them out to freeze. Then began the fun part - the construction of the igloo! To ensure that the structure was stable, the Trokhans placed two blocks at a time and cemented them with water and snow. Once the water and snow froze, two more were added and the process continued until the igloo was built. It took an entire day of hard work in subzero temperatures, but the gem igloo that measured 4.5 feet tall and about 8 feet in outer diameter, was well worth it - Especially because it created a family memory that none of the Trokhans will ever forget.,,

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  • Aidanover 8 years
    l made that LOL JK
    • Aidanover 8 years
      i made that
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        lexi917over 8 years
        • lexi917
          lexi917over 8 years
          • aracelyover 8 years
            I think that this article was nice because it was a little girl idea to think of making a Gem igloo and I am very shocked that a little girl can think of the idea and I wonder how many days or weeks it took to make the Gem igloo.
            • Sebastianover 8 years
              The article was cool. I thought it was ecspecially cool that a little girl thought of the idea from using milk cartons to make an igloo. Another thing I thought was ecspecially cool was that they used colors to make the igloo colorful instead of just painting it after they were done. The part that I thought was kind of weird was when they used snow and water to freeze the blocks together instead of just using water. But overall I had fun reading this article.
              • Sebastianover 8 years
                This was really cool how a little girl thought of doing this just by making an igloo out of milk cartons. I especially the part where you colored the ice. The part that was kind've confusing was when you used the snow and water to stick them together instead of just using the water. But overall I really enjoyed reading the article.
                • aracelyover 8 years
                  the article was cool
                  • allyover 8 years
                    awesome project!!!
                    • Esmeralda over 8 years
                      So cool!