The World's Largest And Longest 3D Street Painting Debuts In Nanjing, China


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On June 11th, 2014, world famous Chinese artist Yang Yongchun unveiled his biggest work of art yet - Dubbed 'Rythyms of Youth', the 3D street painting that received two Guinness World Record titles - for the largest and longest street painting in the world - measures an astounding 365 meters long (1,197 feet) and covers 2,600 sq.meters (27,986 sq.feet) of a path on the campus of Nanjing's Communication University of China.

The masterpiece took the team of artists 20 days to complete. According to Yongchun, the painters worked continuously from early morning to late evening, stopping only when it was too dark to tell the colors apart. Created as a gift for the upcoming 2nd Summer Youth Olympics that are scheduled to take place in Nanjing from August 16th - 28th, 2014, the painting depicts the games complete with its mascot Lele as well as the impressive architectural landscape of Nanjing and the Yangtze River that runs through it.

While the size is certainly impressive what is even more so is that Rhythms of Youth appears three-dimensional. Known as anamorphic art, the effect is created by painting the landscape in a distorted manner so that it appears multi-dimensional when viewed from certain angles. Prior to this, the record for the longest and largest anamorphic street painting belonged to British artist Joe Hill who created a 348-ft 9-inch long masterpiece that covered 12,490 square foot of London's Canary Wharf on November 17th, 2011, to celebrate Guinness World Records Day.

Not surprisingly, the ginormous street painting that will be open to the public for the next two months, is a big hit amongst the University students, who think that it is so much better to look at, than boring gray asphalt!


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  • horse123456
    horse123456over 2 years
    I have seen illusions like that! Cool!
    • Book wormyabout 4 years
      I like it
      • NO NAME!!!over 4 years
        I would do anything to see it in person ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
        • msyuki
          msyukiover 4 years
          I would be scared to walk on it. B/C it is so realistic.
          • ajg16
            ajg16over 4 years
            Oh wow. I would love love love to see this in person
            • 👪almost 5 years
              • EmojiStar😀almost 5 years
                It is nice to look at!
                • CatsAndBunniesalmost 5 years
                  • owl girlalmost 5 years
                    • Owl girlalmost 5 years
                      Wow 20 days!