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On Sunday, March 8th, thousands of people made their way to Tokyo's Mt. Takao to observe a unique tradition - watching practitioners of the Shugendo religion walk across a path of smoldering embers.

Known as the Hiwatari-Matsuri festival, the annual ritual takes place at the Takao-san Yakuo-in Yuki-ji Temple every second Sunday of March. It is performed by Shugendo's followers also called "Yamabushi" to obtain protection from misfortune and for good health and peace in the world. Visitors wishing to participate can do so at the end, when the embers have cooled to more tolerable temperatures.


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  • Lelover 5 years
    • swirlycool
      swirlycoolover 6 years
      I have 5 Japanese friends that celebrate this.
      • kawaii_gymnast
        kawaii_gymnastover 6 years
        I speak japanese, go to Japan every year in summer break, and went to that festival before. It's not that bad. 😃
        • knokoutpear51
          knokoutpear51over 6 years
          They do it beacuse their celaberiting something I think???? 😐
          • eriel529
            eriel529over 6 years
            It is called the Japan fire walker festival.
            • dover 6 years
              • df tvtrutytctyover 6 years
                • hamsty
                  hamstyover 6 years
                  super cooi people
                  • kenyab7
                    kenyab7over 6 years
                    To obtain protection from misfortune and for the good health and peace in the world. Visitors are not allowed to join till the end because if visitors want to try to fire-walk it will be to hot so that is why visitors have to wait till the end so it will be warm.
                    • kenyab7
                      kenyab7over 6 years
                      The name of the festival is Hiwatari-Matsuri. It takes place in Takao-san Yuki-ji. It happens every second Sunday of March.