Video Of The Week - A Sneak Peek At The 2016 Guinness World Records


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Photo Credit: Guinness World Records

Every year, the hard-working folks at Guinness World Records scour the globe to seek out and recognize the incredible achievements and talents of both humans and animals. This year was no exception. On September 10, the company released a sneak peek into all the fascinating records fans can look forward to in the 2016 edition of the iconic book.

Photo Credit: Guinness World Records

Among the highlights is Bertie, the world's fastest tortoise who broke a 38-year-old record with her speedy quick pace of 0.6 miles/hour. Then there is Purin, the talented beagle that managed to block an impressive 14 balls with her paws, in a single minute. Also recognized is the world's tallest couple, the fastest man on clogs and the list goes on.

Photo Credit: Guinness World Records

With over 40,000 records, the 2016 edition, one of the biggest yet, is guaranteed to keep both kids and adults occupied for hours, if not days.

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