New Taiwanese Church Resembles Cinderella's Glass-Slipper


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Photo Credit: South west coast national scenic Area & inhabitat

In an attempt to attract more female visitors to the area, officials of the Budai Township in Chiayi County, Taiwan have come up with an unusual idea - A church in the shape of a glass slipper. Though the design closely resembles Cinderella's shoe, it was inspired by a local, albeit sad folklore.

According to the legend in the mid-1960's, a 24-year-old resident was diagnosed with Blackfoot disease and had to have both her legs amputated. As a result, her wedding was canceled, and the young girl ended up spending the rest of her life at a church. According to officials, "The high heel is intended to honor her memory."

Photo Credit: Southwest coast national scenic area & Inhabitat

Situated on a patch of white sand in the seaside resort's Ocean View Park, the shiny blue structure that measures an impressive 55-feet tall and 36-feet wide is made out of 320 tinted glass panels. It cost the town an astounding $668,000 USD!

Officials say the church that has a giant built-in stage will not be used to host ceremonies. Instead, they hope women will fall in love with its fairy-tale look and use it as a venue and backdrop for their pre-wedding photographs. To make it more appealing and perfect for taking romantic pictures the inside features over 100 props that include faux maple leaves, biscuits, and cakes. Whether women find the shoe-shaped church, 'romantic' will be revealed when it opens its doors to the public in early February.

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