Salads Disguised As Cakes Are A Hit In Japan


Photo Credit: Vegedeco Salad

Residents of Nagoya, Japan will no longer have to subject themselves to eating wilted lettuce and soggy tomatoes to be healthy. They can instead fulfill the daily recommended requirement of fruits and vegetables with a slice or two of one of the delicious cakes crafted by Japanese food artist, Mitsuki Moriyasu.

Photo Credit: Vegedeco Salad

That's because though the beautiful Vegedeco "cakes" may look like the real deal, they are salads in disguise! Instead of serving the vegetables in a bowl, the artist hides them within the layers of the 'sponge cake' that is made from soybean. As for the thick frosting? That is just a mixture of cream cheese and tofu with vegetables blended in to provide the vibrant colors.

Photo C"redit: Vegedeco Salad

Moriyasu, who came up with the idea as a way to make greens more palatable to those that do not enjoy them, began selling her amazing creations at the Bistro La Porte Marseille restaurant in Nagoya in June 2015. They were an instant hit and became so popular that she recently decided to open an entire cafe dedicated to healthy eating.

Photo Credit: Vegedeco Salad

At her Vegedeco Salad Cafe that opened its doors on April 5, customers can select from a variety of "cakes" depending on their vegetable preference. Each slice is accompanied by a fermented dressing made with koji (Japanese sake starter) and costs 735 yen ($7 USD). For an additional 100 yen, patrons can get a slice of gluten-free bread made from an ancient strain of rice, and a hot cup of tea that gets its gorgeous color from — you guessed it — Vegetables!

Photo Credit: Vegedeco Salad

Though the menu features numerous other healthy offerings that have been carefully selected by Moriyasu, the one thing you will not find at the Vegedeco Salad Cafe is dessert! So be sure to leave your sweet tooth behind!


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            this looks sooooooooooooooo delicious where did you get ti from?
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