President Joe Biden Signs Bipartisan Gun Safety Bill Into Law

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President Joe Biden signed the gun safety bill into law on June 25, 2022 (Credit:

President Joe Biden signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act into law on June 25, 2022. The legislation aims to stop dangerous people from obtaining firearms and to provide much-needed funds to improve the nation's mental health system. It is the most significant gun control regulation approved by the US Congress since the now-expired Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.

The law addresses several areas of concern, including the "boyfriend loophole." Under current federal law, those convicted of domestic violence are prohibited from purchasing a firearm only if they are living with, married to, or have a child with their partner. The new provision will prevent a person found guilty of abusing a current or former dating partner from buying a gun. It also calls for more in-depth background checks on gun buyers between the ages of 18 and 21.

States will also receive funding to create crisis intervention programs. The "red flag" law will enable law enforcement officers to petition the court to confiscate guns from individuals believed to be a threat to themselves or others. An additional $15 billion will be spent on improving mental health services and increasing security in schools.

The legislation falls short of the stringent gun control measures — such as assault weapon bans and magazine capacity restrictions — President Biden had hoped for. But both lawmakers and gun safety advocates agree that the bipartisan agreement is a step in the right direction toward saving innocent lives.

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  • waltermatteo
    That is very good for safety, but unfortunately it has some consequences. For example, hunting, for hunters who want to hunt, it will be harder for them to get a gun. Especially, if there family relies on hunting for food.
    • margareth
      margarethabout 1 month
      • thomp26f
        thomp26f6 months
        Gun violence is just terrible. The only reason guns should exist is maybe for the army and police (though if no one uses guns the army and police wouldn't need them!!). Why do you need a gun to hunt? Are we in the 17 hundreds? NO! we have stores and stuff now hunting is just cruel. I don't why it's still okay to buy things like machine guns and snipers and all those terrible things. What do people need them for? hunting? Self-protection? Don't think so...
        • flaha-30
          flaha-306 months
          All humans can’t be friends because some people have mental health issues and some people can’t control what they say or do sometimes. If mental health issues were not a thing than human kind MIGHT be able to get along.
          • noloball50
            noloball507 months
            why cant we all human beings be freinds???
            • ultraviolet3000
              guns should be banned unless it is not used for killing
              • swans16
                swans168 months
                They should have more restrictions on gun laws. Guns are dangerous and can cause much damage or injuries!
                • love-art
                  love-art9 months
                  Honestly, they should do more thorough checks about the people who are buying the gun. ( fyi many other countries do VERY thorough checks)
                  • mayonnaise4life
                    we still need guns but i guess that was an ok law
                    • skane
                      skane9 months
                      Why do we "need" guns? Killing is never ok.
                      • turtle299
                        turtle2997 months
                        it is called hunting for those who aren't vegan like you, also i like turtles!
                        • turtle299
                          turtle2997 months
                          i like turtles and it is called hunting for those who aren't vegan like you
                      • snowflake101
                        snowflake10110 months
                        That is so Amazing!!