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Honeybees Fitted With Microchips To Solve Mystery

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For nearly two years now, scientists in the Western Hemisphere have been racking their brains over the mystery of the vanishing honeybees. Now German Professor Juergen Tautz and his team are trying to get to the root of the issue, by attaching a microchip to three bee colonies.

The Hazy Skies Of Northern California

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The normally blue skies of Northern California are hazy these days, engulfed by smoke from the hundreds of fires that are still burning in the water-parched hills and valleys of the region. The 800 plus fires were started by an unprecedented 8,000 strikes of dry lightning that hit the region last weekend.

Hey Mom - I Think I Am Ready For The World

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A new research study performed by French Scientists, Amelie Vergne and Nicholas Mathevon indicates that baby crocodiles communicate with each other and their mothers just before they are getting ready to hatch.

Californian's Win Battle Against Aerial Spraying

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Last week, we brought you the story of how this innocent-looking light brown Apple Moth had the people of California up in arms against the agricultural officials. Well it sounds like the people of California have won this battle!

This Robot Keeps Going And Going And Going. . . .

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Watch out Energizer bunny, here comes Evolta, a feisty little robot.  Powered by two AA batteries made by the Japanese Company, Panasonic, Evolta climbed and climbed for almost seven hours up a rope hung from a steep Grand Canyon cliff.

MIT Professor Reveals The Beauty Of Science

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He may look like the absent-minded professor from the movie "Back to the Future", but 71-year old Walter Levin is one of the world's most popular professors, thanks to his unconventional ways of revealing the beauty of science to his students and people all around the world. 

California Vs. The Light Brown Apple Moth

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Who would think that this innocent-looking Light Brown Apple Moth could cause so much controversy. According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, this immigrant from Australia is a menace to crops and needs to be eradicated immediately. While Californian's agree, it's the method used that has them yelling, 'STOP THE SPRAY'.

Greeting Cards that Bloom!

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Instead of wondering whether to keep or toss the birthday or thank you card you just received, you may now be able to grow it.  Welcome to the new world of completely recyclable greeting cards that are coming to market. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also cost about the same as conventional greeting cards.

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