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Teen Polyglot Has Mastered 23 Languages

New York teen Timothy Doner, has an unusual hobby - He likes to learn languages! And not the way most of us do to get through basic school requirements, but thoroughly enough so that he can conduct a decent conversation. Over the last five years, the 17-year old has been able to master 23! While this has earned him the title of the world's youngest polyglot, he is still not satisfied.

Video Of The Week - Why Astronauts Never Shed Tears

Though it is common knowledge that lack of gravity makes life in space a tad different from that on earth, very few of us ever think about how different. There is of course the fact that Astronauts are always suspended and floating around, but what about beyond that? Something as basic as shedding a tear or two of joy or sorrow?

What's on in the library Week 3Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 1:26 am

Mrs. BoultonWHAT'S ON IN THE JS LIBRARYThe IWB will be on for you to use - see Week 3 What's on in the JS Library smartboard file.Discover who the READER FEATURE is this week. Reviewing and recommending (create a Book Hook)Get your Ask a Librarian questions to me... Any topic - challenge me! Current question Can red wood ants predict earthquakes?MEETINGS MONDAY - FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY MEETING 1ST BREAK - WITH THEIR LUNCH (Year 5 and 6)WEDNESDAY INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING - interested students Year 4 -6 FEATURE BOOKSCharlie Burr and the crazy cockroach disaster / - Morgan, Sally A hare, a hound and shymousey brown / - Hubery, Julia - Bentley, Jonathan. Little Chick and the secret of sleep / - Doyle, Malachy - McLean, Gill

Can Red Wood Ants Predict Earthquakes?

While ants may appear to be just pesky insects whose sole purpose in life it to annoy humans, they are in reality, quite amazing - They can survive the biggest floods by morphing into living rafts, find their way anywhere, thanks to a built-in GPS and now it turns out, may even have the ability to predict earthquakes - Something the world's best brains have been unable to do, so far!

Earth Day 2013Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 1:24 am

Our Beautiful Earth!

Time to get off the couch and make your mark . . . after all, it is Earth Day! Originally celebrated in North America on April 22, 1970, this year's theme is 'The Face of Climate Change' - aptly reflecting the dire situation our planet is going to be in, if something is not done to turn around global warming soon. In case you are still procrastinating, here is a visual reminder of why we should do all pitch in, to save our beautiful planet.

Earth Day 2013 - Remembering Early Environmentalists

On April 22nd, people all over the world will celebrate the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day. Besides conducting environmentally friendly projects within their communities, over one billion people are also expected to participate in rallies to voice their concern about the dire effects of global warming on our planet and vow to take actions to help reverse the trends.

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