Video Of The Week - KLM's Detective Beagle May Be A Marketing Stunt But It Sure Is Cute!



On September 23rd, 2014, Dutch airline KLM released a YouTube video that made everyone who saw it, wish they could travel on the airline, and forget a possession or two. That's because the short clip depicted a cute beagle aptly named "Sherlock", as the newest and most efficient member of the airline's lost and found service.

The heart-melting video that showed the dog sniffing at the forgotten objects and then rushing out to deliver them to the rightful owners, became an instant viral sensation, with most people believing that Sherlock was an actual "employee" of the airline.

However, a few days later the truth was revealed. Turns out that the beagle detective is just a clever advertising ploy, concocted by New York-based DDB & Tribal, to demonstrate the effectiveness of KLM's human lost and found team, in tracking down passengers that leave things in the airplanes. While that is certainly disappointing, it hasn't deterred the video's popularity, which has been watched over 12 million times, in the last three weeks!,

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Mrs. CollinsDue Thursday October 23rdPlease read the article and watch the video. Answer the 3 questions at the bottom of the page after you have watched the video. Also answer the critical thinking question.Must be answered on white lined paper and in complete sentences. Mrs. Collins

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