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    1.It is a problem because it might get more risky as we go on with testing it. 2.The Netherlands are trying to use birds to attack/stop the drone when it is in action.The eagles catch it's prey with it's claws. 3.They could use the birds when they drone is being used.
    Over 5 years ago
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    1.The zookeepers are trying to keep the orangutans entertained.Smart tablets help because the orangutans learn stuff by playing the games.The drawback is learning stuff. 2.I think they helped solve it by bringing new ideas to the orangutans rescue.I think that the trial was held at the orangutans center.One of the games was they had to do something to the red dot.Some kissed it,covered it,wiped it. 3.The zoo hopes to use the technology with other zoo's around the world.It is exciting because you can see how a animal learns like a person.You can see the different reactions through all the zoo visitors.
    Over 5 years ago
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    1.He stuck is hand inside.The machine thought he was a toy/snack so it grabbed the little boy's hand. 2.Leo did not know he had to pay because he had never seen a vending machine before.The machine thought he was one of the snacks/toys. 3.It took twelve firemen to free Leo the little boy.It took more than 6 hours to get him out.Leo wants to be a firemen when he grows up.
    Over 5 years ago

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