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    Jurassic World The movie was about this family who went to a place called Jurassic Park and the kids go to different places but something bad happens... Then the next part is were the kids go into these circle hover things that take you safely around the Dinosaurs, but there is a announcement were everyone should get out of the circle hover things and go somewhere safe. But the kids don't go and they still hover around but, a robot dinosaur comes and smashes the circle thing and the kids try to get out and they do safely. The kids try to get away and they do but the dinosaur is still looking for them. The next part is where the adults go looking for the kids and they bump into some dinosaurs and have a battle... The adults make it out and try again to find the kids.. They all end up together and the other T-rex dinosaur beats up the robot dinosaur and the T-rex dinosaur gets help from the raptors. While the kids and adults are in the car driving away watching the dinosaurs fight.. After, all that everything is ok the robot dinosaur is gone and everything is good so that's how the movie ends. Made by: Angel_Kit
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