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    Seventh Grade is filled with tough decisions for Shayla, she is faced with the fear of making wrong decisions, but even worse she scared to make the right decision. Shayla is very thankful for her long time best friends Julia and Isabella. However, now that Seventh grade has started, she feels like they are drifting apart. For some reason Shayla is faced with the problem of fitting in. Her older sister Hana encourages her to participate with her in the Black Lives Matter Movement, at first Shayla is skeptical about joining her sister, but with the way things are going for her in school and with her best friends, she decides to join her sister, however she is fearful of making wrong decisions! She's allergic to trouble! This book includes bonds of friendship and rising up against power I recommend this book to anyone who interested in social rights, self empowerment, and friendship
    Over 1 year ago
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    By Lisa Moore Ramée
    Over 1 year ago

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