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    Animal Farm: Animal Farm is a story that talks about the Russian Revolution, and revolves around the animals on a farm who revolt against their owner, and run the farm themselves. The story has many scenes that directly reference the Russian Revolution, and shows how much power can corrupt good intentions. The story is filled with the animal's achievements, failures, and betrayals.
    Over 7 years ago
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    1984: 1984 was published in 1949, and told a story about the not so distant future, 1984. There is a government called Big Brother, who has complete control over its people, and there are few who try to fight this system. Rebelling in any ways results in death, and even thinking for yourself is a death-sentence. The story follows Winston, who is a middle-aged man that tries to fight Big Brother, and is a man with many flaws and problems. The book follows Winston day-to-day life, and shows readers about the world he lives in, his dangers, his questionable thoughts and actions, and finally his downfall. I would definitely recommend both 1984 and Animal Farm to any reader.
    Over 7 years ago
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    By Alexander Gordon Smith
    Over 7 years ago
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    By George Orwell
    Over 7 years ago

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