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    I like this movie a lot and here is why.,, 1. It was a beautiful story. The animations and the art was just beautiful! Also the story was so well-written. 2. It was really funny! This movie is absolutely hilarious! The funniest part is when a bunch of blueberries roll down a hill and then this one dude that is obsessed with social media says "I've got blueberries in places that blueberries should NEVER be." And then he walks away with blueberries in his pants LOLOL!!!!! 3. The yeti is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend watching Abominable 100%. If you want to know where you can watch this movie, I watched it in the theater when it came out (before coronavirus of coarse) but you can rent or buy it on amazon prime video. There is actually a lot of ways that you can watch this movie. But that's it for me. BYE!! :)
    11 months ago
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