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    I love these kinds of books and since we won't be able to go trick or treating in person this year it would be fun to read about some facts related to halloween!!
    About 19 hours ago
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    This is such a fun adventure packed book!!
    3 days ago
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    4 days ago
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    Cameron Boxer is an average 8th grader with an average lifestyle the way he likes it, simple. But he's really good at one thing and that is Video Games if anything he spends all his time playing video games with his friends but his parents don't approve of that lifestyle. They want him to join a club or take part in something bigger than video games. So he comes up with a club called P.A.G. He doesn't intend for it to be serious just a joke and he really hopes no one joins. But one day a girl notices the club and joins along with her a guidance counselor also notices it and they both think it's the best thing ever. Soon over half the school has joined the P.AG and now Cameron is in charge of the biggest thing at school, this is so not his lifestyle. Read this book to see how Cameron changes as a person and realizes video games are not a lifestyle and there are things bigger than that.
    7 days ago
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    Three best friends, Nico, Emma and Tyler are flying their drone when suddenly a bully flies the drone into the cove. Nico who spent his life savings on the drone doesn't hesitate to go after it but the problem is the cove is the scariest part of their town, and no one goes there without making it back alive. After Nico falls into the cove his two friends are forced to find him they eventually do find him but they also find something else abandoned houseboat in the middle of the cove. They have so many questions but they go inside and Emma accidentally falls in a little whirlpool called the darkdeep. But luckily Emma makes it out safe but something strange happens Emma's childhood imaginary friend shows up at the cove, now they're all confused as ever, but they realize that this whirlpool can read minds. They have fun with it until one day they realize the things they conjuring up are becoming more and more realistic and more and more deadly. Now they have a bunch of their nightmares standing in front of them in real life. Read this amazing book to find out how they overcome their fears and protect their town!!
    7 days ago
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    This book is part two to the book Masterminds. After five kids discover that they're actually clones and clones of the most famous criminals their shocked and don't know what to do or where to go. They still head into the real world away from their perfect little town but she have no knowledge of the outside world or anyone in it but the still slide by. They travel from Colorado back to their perfect town to find out that its been abandoned and now they're shocked as to where everyone went, luckily they find one of their own friends and on the way even help a criminal break out of jail, but in the end they realize they can trust no one as their friend actually ratted them out and now they're trapped. Read this book to find out how they escape and at what cost!!
    7 days ago

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