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    I really want to see this movie!!! It looks SOOOOOO good!!
    Almost 5 years ago
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    This was a great movie! I watched it the day it came out! In this movie, Alice Kingsleigh returns to Wonderland, through a looking glass, or a mirror, if you will. But there's a problem, and things are not normal. The Mad Hatter has found a paper hat that symbolizes to him, at least, that his family is still alive and well. He then tasks Alice to find his family, and reunite them with the Mad Hatter. However, the only way for Alice to do that, is to go to Time's castle, and steal the Chronosphere--a magical sphere-like object that will allow Alice to go back in time. However, a lot of things go wrong. She first goes back in time, and she sees the Hatter's father placing the crown on the Queen of Hearts--Iracebeth's head. After it breaks, Iracebeth is seen fuming about her broken crown. Mirana, Iracebeth's sister, is then chosen as the heir to the throne. After everybody leaves, Alice hears that everything began when Mirana, the White Queen, lied about stealing tarts when she and Iracebeth were both kids. Alice must then return to that period of time to try to change the past. Will Alice be able to do it? Or will she face something much worse? Or will she break time by letting her past self see her future self? Watch this cliff-hanging movie to find out!
    Almost 5 years ago
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    Almost 5 years ago

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