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    I like the books in this series. This one is about a boy named George Caldor who is traveling with his Aunt Daisy and sister Phoebe in first class on the Titanic. George is curious and a little sneaky too. He is always getting into trouble. He sneaks out of his room to see if there is a mummy on the ship. He had heard that there was one in the storage area. He didn't know it but his little sister followed him. The Titanic struck the iceberg while they were out exploring. George made it back to his room, but phoebe didn't. George feels terrible because he knows that it is his fault. George realized that Phoebe left a trail of Lemon Drops to find her way back. Then George and his friend Enzo, plus his dad Marco helped look for Phoebe. George and Enzo find Phoebe and go up to get on the lifeboats. There is a happy ending, but not without some excitement and danger. I don't want to give all the plot away so I will stop my review right now.
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