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    I know this is older, but I still want to comment. When people say defund the police, we don't mean we want police to go away. We want reform. The police are in charge of too much, if I called the police because I fell and hurt myself or because I saw someone robbing a store at gunpoint, I would get the same people. Those are two very different situations and different people should be trained for each of those. Basically, defund the police as the system is now and fund a system where we have trained individules for different types of emergencies, fund training this people more efficiently, and fund background checks, not everyone should be a cop.
    Over 1 year ago
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    Isn't the ch in chimera pronounced like a k? The fish is interesting, but the narrator is definitely saying chimera wrong.
    About 2 years ago
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    That's really cool! Ants are impressive animals. I want to know when they figure out why the ants didn't fix all the holes. Maybe it's because some of the holes were easier for the tree to heal on it's own or maybe some of the holes were somehow helpful to them?
    Over 2 years ago
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    But winter ends on March 20th or March 1st depending on if you're using the meteorological dates or the astronomical dates. Meteorological dates for each season are always the 1st of every 3rd month and astronomical dates are always between the 20th and 22nd of every, the dates never change after groundhog day. Humans are a very indecisive species, you can't decide on a date for spring to start so you ask a groundhog 😂
    Over 2 years ago

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