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    I love this book because it is full of mystery and excitement. Jason woke up on the bus without any of his memory. Apparently he had a girlfriend named Pipper. He also had a best friend named Leo. Then the coach figured out that Jason spoke Latin instead of Greek. The storm spirit named D the Wolf House. When he got to the Wolf House he found Hera trapped in Dylan showed himself when Jason showed up because he knew that he was a son of Zeus (Jupiter). After destroying two more storm spirits (venti) the coach tells Jason, Leo, and Pipper that they are demigods before Dylan took him away. Then a helicopter took them to camp half-blood. Jason, Leo, and Pipper were chosen to go on a quest to save Hera. While they were on the quest Jason found his sister Thalia and she found out that Hera was being held captive in a tiny cage so Leo cut the cage while Pipper made the ground slow down it’s pace and Jason of course was fighting a giant. If you like the Percy Jackson series you would like this book.
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