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    I found this book to be really boring and it didn’t really engage me into it, I wouldn’t read this book again. I’d say the only interesting part in this book is when Noah loses half of his arm and they are in the hospital and watching all the soldiers limbs be torn off. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone because I didn’t find this interesting.
    About 6 years ago
  • norsla1617
    norsla1617 added a book review.
    I thought that Two Girls of Gettysburg was a good book. I thought that the ending wasn’t strong enough though. I would like to go more into the future and see how everything ended up for the characters. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes stories about friendship.
    About 6 years ago
  • makgag1617
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    This book was an okay book. It was interesting at some points, but it did get a little boring at points, unless there was a specific part that interested me. I recommend this book to someone who wouldn’t mind hearing some sort of goriness, and is into mystery like novels. I, myself would not want to read this again if I could.
    About 6 years ago
  • rilfis1617
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    I like this book there are a lot of things going on, but not too many that you don’t know what's going on. The ending is my favorite part although it is very sad. I recommend this book to people who are a little bit interested into the Civil War but also a little bit of realistic fiction and drama.
    About 6 years ago
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    I thought it was a good book I was shocked to see the First battle of Bull Run in my book. For me I don’t get why there has to be slaves why can’t people just stop being lazy to do there own chores or whatever they have to do. The book had a nice beginning I like how they had Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant in it and The first Battle of Bull Run
    About 6 years ago
  • ciaqui1617
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    I liked the book because I thought that it was interesting on how Jennie Hodgers was “Albert Cashier” in the civil war. I learned a lot about the Battle of Vicksburg. My favorite part of the book was when her and Tom were in Ireland because it shows how fast her life changed. I would recommend this book to people who like fiction and also learning about things at the same time.
    About 6 years ago
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    I liked this book very much but the ending was really sad. I love how Catrina is such a strong minded person and does what she wants not what the world wants. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good drama. Warning- This book contains content that may be unsuitable for anyone younger than seventh grade.
    About 6 years ago
  • kergre1617
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    I would recommend this to someone who likes action and a bit of romance almost and adventure. It got really good around page 90 or so. The book ended with a big cliffhanger which didn’t make me super impressed with the ending.
    About 6 years ago
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    By Christy Lenzi
    About 6 years ago

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