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    This book is called Wonder and this book is an funnny, sad, joyful book and it is based on a boy named August. He is homeschooled by his mom but when turned ten his mom decided to put him in school so then he will learn to work with others, and does not have to stay home all the time. There are more characters in the book Wonder and they are Via, Justin, Miranda, Summer, and Jack. (Auggie's nickname for August) journey through his first year at Beecher Prep is heart-breaking, funny and powerful. In addition, he is a really strong boy that faces a lot of things but he has really good friends and they are Jack and Summer they don't laugh at him but they do laugh with him and that is what makes them good friends. Another thing about this book is that Auggie’s family is alway protective for instincts (Via nickname for Olivia) Via is the most protective one in her family for instincts if anybody stares at Auggie she always says this “if they stare let them stare you can’t blend in when you're born to stand out.” He does ordinary stuff but like why can’t he be ordinary like other kids. For me this book is truly a “Wonder.”
    Almost 4 years ago
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    By R. J. Palacio
    Almost 4 years ago

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