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    Do you think you would have a harder time becoming friends with Kevin, a boy with a growing disability? Well that’s where Maxwell comes in. The setting of this book took place in Maxwell's house, school, and walking on the sidewalk a lot. Maxwell and Kevin are both in 8th grade. Maxwell lives with his grandparents that he calls Grim and Gram. In Freak The Mighty by Rodman Philbrick, Kevin, also known as “freak”, and Maxwell become freak the mighty. Maxwell is this big, strong, tall boy, and Freak is a small boy with a bunch of disabilities that affect his growth. Freak and Maxwell went on a lot of adventures together and became best friends. They did everything together. They helped each other in many ways like dealing with Maxwell's dad who was in jail. Maxwell helped freak feel tall and helped him walk, and freak helped Maxwell realize he was smart. Maxwells grandparents were kinda scared of Maxwell because they thought he was going to become more like his dad. I enjoyed reading this book because I always wanted to know what happened next. For example, finding out how they were gonna get away from some school bullies. I would recommend this book for people from the age of 6th grade and up. Someone who is interested in kinda sad books but also adventurous would like Freak The Mighty.
    About 2 years ago
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    By Karen M. McManus
    About 2 years ago
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    By Rodman Philbrick
    Over 2 years ago

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