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    Supergifted is an amazing book that further interests the reader in a wonderful sequel to Ungifted. In this book, after a horrible experience between Donovan's dog (Beatrice) and "Hashtag", Donovan is instructed to stay off Saunton Street, but sticking up for Noah brings him right there. But unlucky for Donovan, he saves a life on the street and becomes a hero- or he is a hero, but he keeps it a secret, just to save Beatrice. That is when the book gets interesting, and Noah takes the credit for being Superkid..... This is an amazing book that real good book that readers can not put down unless they are done reading.
    About 7 hours ago
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    The Invent-a-Palloza was a real blast at Griffin's school, and all eyes were on Griffin, for he was an inventor's son. Challenged, Darren Vader enters, and also Griffin's friend, Mellisa. Darren makes an instant egg cooker, Griffin makes a muffled engine vacuum, and Mellisa's invention is an invention that keeps dogs from running on the street. Everything was going perfectly, until Mellisa's invention was stolen, and nothing became more important than stealing it back. They knew they had to get the invention back, and the mission will require a break-in, right through the government's property.....
    About 7 hours ago
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    Nikki and her band gets to perform in a national concert with the Bad Boyz, and nothing could get any better than this. Nikki shops for new clothes and goes into the mall, and her life might have turned upside down when she comes out of that mall. She overheard McKenzie's conversation, and she wants to spoil her crush's business and risk the lives of animals. Nikki makes a bet with this girl, and it may be costly...
    About 7 hours ago
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    Football star Wallace gets lots of attention after making an impossible touchdown and winning the trophy for the team. He belongs in the football club, but detention draws him to the Old Shep, My Pal play. He does not like the book, and he can not let the play get ruined, so he gives suggestions to make the play better. When mysterious attacks start happening on the play, he is blamed and all evidence points against him. He is kicked out from the play, but he really is innocent...
    About 7 hours ago
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    This is such a great book so its Nikki's birthday and she wants to have the coolest party ever and she has everything planned out, well everything except one tiny thing. Where will she get the money from, when her mom says the max budget is 100 dollars and she's inviting her neighbors Zumba class to perform Nikki cancels the party. But her invitations accidentally get mailed. Nikki thinks her life is over when one day the most unexpected person comes and saves her party, yes none other than her little sister, Brianna!! Read this book to find out how Brianna saves Nikki's party!!
    About 7 hours ago
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    I love these kinds of books and since we won't be able to go trick or treating in person this year it would be fun to read about some facts related to halloween!!
    1 day ago

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