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    I would like the book because it looks like a really good read that I would read over and over again, there is smoke in the air so I can’t go outside much and reading keeps me busy, I love books that are like this book and if I got this I know I would read it non stop, thank you Ps I probably won’t win this but if I do I would be very very great full and if you got the other thing I wrote not trying to bug you just had other ideas, thank you again.
    11 days ago
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    15 days ago
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    Lemme tell you guys that haven't read story something. If you read this book i guarantee you are gonna want the rest of the series like, immediately. YA'LL SERIOUSLY GOTTA READ THIS BOOK MAN! this book is about a normal kid named Owen. he is a normal kid... that is, until he saw a girl named Bethany. In my opinion, Bethany is kinda bossy and quick about things. Owen seriously has got to be more useful. Well anyways, Bethany gets caught trying to go into a book by Owen, so she makes her a deal; All he has to do is keep quiet and she will let him go into his favorite series, Kiel Gnomenfoot. The whole point of the series is to find Bethany's father, who is missing. It can either go uphill or downhill from there. (Also a VERY VERY special character appears in the later series. Ill give ya'll a hint: He's a total Nobody. You will understand what i mean when u get later into the series😉) Now I've told ya'll a little bit of the book. Now do me a favor and go to your library or wherever you get books and get this book right now (Or whenever you can)
    29 days ago
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    Story Thieves is an absolutely unique book that will twist your mind into a pretzel. It's a story, in a story, inside another story. The author even had the audacity to add himself in the book which is BOLD and I LOVE IT. Bethany can travel into books and story worlds, and when Owen sees her come out of a book easy as you please he BEGS and PLEADS for her to take him into his favorite series ever to meet his favorite character, Kiel Gnomenfoot. I enjoyed every part of Story Thieves and I have no critiques. It was like reading two books in one and ANYONE will love it - especially those Harry Potter fans out there! But honestly, if you're a lover of books and you don't mind losing your sanity to a book series, then start reading right NOW!
    30 days ago
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    By James Riley
    30 days ago
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    This book is fabulous! Aru Shah is a smart and salty middle school girl who just wants to impress her snooty private school friends. She takes them on a tour of the Indian-American Museum her mom curates, where her friends dare her to do the one thing she is forbidden to do: light an ancient lamp that will supposedly start the end of the world. I love the fantastic comedy that Aru adds to the story. In the second book, the book follows the main character Aru Shah, as she realizes that she is a reincarnation of one of the Pandavas and a son of a god in her previous birth. Along with her Pandava sister Mini, she sets to correct a wrong she committed to save the world from destruction in nine days. I know the rest of the series will also be great. Aru Is just fabulous.
    7 months ago
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    This is a great series and book. I just finished watching Naruto and now im on Naruto shippuden. Trust me, if you think this series is messed up because of the trailers, then you're messed up!
    7 months ago
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    7 months ago
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    I love all anime and this looks GOOD!!! my favorites are Naruto, DBZ, and One Peice.
    Over 1 year ago

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