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    Are there other famous landmarks in Europe?
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    He convinced them that the tower was beautiful. It was built for the Exposition Univeslle. It gets loved all the time. If I was the first person to see the Eiffel tower I would feel happy and taken into a wonderful trance and then I could never stop thinking about it which means when I get older I can always share about it and they would all go during summer break which makes more population that the article was talking about. I would also feel like doing many realistic art about it to remember it. I would feel sad when I saw the tourists who thought it was ugly and wanted to tear it down. I would feel amazed when I saw that was actually in a coat of pure gold because gold is one of the best colors out there in my opinion. When I see it I will call everyone that I ever knew to see it and that would also start population. I would walk around it savoring every last bit of it so it will stay in my memory forever. I would interview the person who made it and ask how long it took to build it, how much people helped out and did they ever mess up. I would make a website on it and I would share that you should go to Paris, France next year on March 31rst which is the day of its anniversary. I would write a lot about it to make people come to it like crazy, also it will start much more population. These are the answers of these SUPERCOOL questions where I want to spend summer break in. I hope you agree with everything I wrote here. If not answer my question
    Over 7 years ago

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