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    I would recommend this book for children at the age 9 or older, it's really interesting and fun. It's about a young teenage girl called Opal Plum stead who is a fiercely intelligent scholarship girl. She has a sister ( Cassie ) that works, a best friend who eats Fairy Glen candies with her and have parents. Her mother and father weren't going along well together. 😅 But something terrible happened ( there's ALWAYS dilemmas ) . Her father was caught by stealing money to pay the family's money, he was sent to a prison for a YEAR !!!!!! 😞 Because of this, things change...
    Almost 7 years ago
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    By Jacqueline Wilson
    Almost 7 years ago
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    This book is just so awesome! I love the plot of the story of a fiercely and crazy intelligent 6 year old girl.....
    Almost 7 years ago
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    By Roald Dahl
    Almost 7 years ago

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