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    Assassination Classroom is a manga and anime series for everybody who likes to get some assassination going in their boring life. The series is about class 3E, the lowest ranked class in all of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, is usually disrespected. Suddenly, one day, a secret assassin named Mr. Karasuma sent from the government came to the class, which is in the old school building, a tiny, secluded shack far away from the new one on a mountain top, came with a yellow octopus looking creature. Surprisingly, that creature wanted to be a teacher. Hah, that rhymes. Anyways, the creature was had stolen a chunk of the moon and has claimed that he would do the same to the Earth as well a year from then in march. The government let him pursue his final wish, which was to teach. And the government also set up a plan. They thought that if they train the students to become assassins, the students could kill him before the creature destroys the Earth. And of course, since the prize money was 10 billion yen (100 million in USA), they couldn't turn down the offer. But as they try to kill Koro~sensei, as they named their teacher, they start to grow affection. Koro~Sensei has taught them and has made them smarter. They have a lot to thank him for. They know they have to kill him, but do they want to? Will they really? Well, find out what happens for yourself. My favorite character is Nagisa Shiota, which is hard to tell, but is the main student character (and 2nd most main character besides Koro~Sensei in the whole show) in E class. My second favorite is Karma Akabane. who is a super intelligent guy, but he fights a lot. He would have been in A class if he didn't fight. My 3rd is Koro Sensei. I give this a 5 star! It's awesome, and I recommend it to you... if your fine with cussing... :)
    Over 3 years ago
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