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    This book’s genre is adventure and it was written by Kiki Thorpe. This story is about a girl named Lainey who got lost in the woods. And her friends are trying to find her and they found her and they can go home. And they know not to tell their parents the secret about Never Land where there are fairies and so many tiny winy stuff like, food, clothes, cups, ect. The main character is a girl named Lainey Winters. She wants to talk to animals if they need to. Two key events that happened in the story was one they went to NeverLand and walked to Pixie Hollow. The second key detail is when Lainey got lost in the woods. It was cool because Lainey found boys that had weird names and they said they were getting coconuts to eat. And they went to a rino to make it mad and nook down a coconut. Lainey was sad at the start of the story because she was late to go to her friend's house. These are the page numbers 7, 11, and 13. At the end of the story Lainey was happy because she was lost then she found her friends and they could go home. These are the page numbers 106 and 107. One unanswered question is, “ Did the author have an adventure like this? ‘’ The part I enjoyed the the most in the book is when they went to pixie hollow. I like that part because when they got in pixie hollow they saw fairies every day. I would recommend this book because it was awesome and it had good actions. And last but not least it has other books. This is why I recommend this book.
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