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    spoiler alert I chose Wonder by Raquel Jarimillo, because It is a really good book. It’s about a kid named Auggie. with a face deformity. I think it is really cool because it is written from different perspectives. You can understand what is going on from his friend’s and family’s view, so you know how they feel throughout the book. Auggie goes through high points, low points, and in between points of his life Between the looks people give him, school, and friends. Just like everybody, and we get through it just like he does. Nothing can compare to what he has to go through every day. I Liked it because of the way the author wrote it, you can see how his friends and family feel about Auggie's journey. These are the major differences that August went through when he went to school and made friends. August started off insecure and scared. He wanted to drop out of school because he heard his best friend was saying he was only hanging out with Auggie because the principal told him to and not because he wanted to. Jack will did not know Auggie was right there because he was wearing a bleeding scream costume. Auggie did not have many friends but as the book goes on he gets more friends and becomes less insecure. He started hanging out with different people. He also gets a lot friendlier because everybody started being nicer to him. He and Jackwill become friends again then everyone starts to realize Auggie is really nice and funny. Everything starts to turn out okay at the end. It is just like the book I read, Emily Windsnap. She did not know she was part mermaid because she had not met her dad before, but at the end Emily, her dad, and her mom all meet up and live on a boat that’s part underwater. This is how Auggie changes as a character in the book Wonder.
    About 1 year ago
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    By R. J. Palacio
    About 1 year ago

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