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    Do you like surprise endings? Then try this book! Holly is kidnapped by Artemis Fowl. Will she get out? I loved this book. I don't read too much but this was a great book
    12 months ago
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    You might have seen many 12 years old kids who likes to play,to read books or something like this but this 12 year old Artemis fowl is totally different! What one can say about him? Maybe a genius,millionaire and a criminal!? Yes,a criminal! A criminal who wants gold of the fairies and he can do anything for that,he can even kidnap a fairy and so he did! He kidnapped Holly Shorts,a LEPrecon fairy! He knew what the consequences can be especially when his mother is suffering from some kind of mental problem after Artemis fowl senior(Arty's dad)disappeared, sometimes even refusing to recognize Artemis! But Artemis isn't a fool! He's always two steps ahead whatever the situation is! But this time his opponent is none other but far better in technology and smart fairies! Will he be able to manage all this? Will he get the gold or will lost everything? Will Butler,his super strong bodyguard be able to help Artemis win?Will his mother ever be normal and recognize Artemis? Will Artemis risk his friends and family for the gold? Read to find out! I really lost myself reading this awesome book and I know so will you! :)
    12 months ago
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    By Eoin Colfer
    12 months ago

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