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    Wow! It must be really expensive and dangerous. I like the modernness of it and the large amounts of tech involved.
    Almost 2 years ago
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    This is so cool! Looking at the James Bond museum is quite exciting. Seeing all the technology that he uses during the movie is REALLY AWESOME! My words cannot explain how much this is really cool to me.
    Almost 2 years ago
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    5 stars all the way. The plot was so complex and it really represented America's racial problems by using the schism between "predators" and "prey". I thought it was insanely creative and inspirational. It's definitely a movie for all ages and it was really enjoyable/ I didn't want it to end!
    Over 4 years ago
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    Welcome to Genovia! When Olivia became a princess, she never signed up to take care of her little brother, dance with The Flexer, meet her annoying cousin, Louisa, and worst of all.... attend the Royal Genovian Academy! She realized that being a princess is way more different than one would expect... According to Nishi, Olivia's best friend, she replied back, "U have everything in the world anyone could ever dream of, including a pony and getting to sit next to a cute prince, and now ur acting princessy." NO! What Nishi said is completely false and the author builds up this relationship with Olivia and Nishi that shows best friends have their "ups and downs." Also Ms. Cabot showed different mediums in this book, for example she had drawings and actual text messages (of course with slang, because us kids are so tech-savvy). I really liked how the readers get to explore the mind of Olivia because we got to understand her a lot. A lot of authors have their background focused on school and usually the protagonist is a student with flaws and the antagonist as the "mean girl/bully" who seems completely flawless. What Ms. Cabot did as well is that she explored the topic about how many people have insecurities and people's physical appearances do not matter, one must have to understand their background history. Because no matter how much one may seem flawless, they really are not. I'm just going to spit the truth out. Everybody is human and because everybody is human, everybody has flaws. And the author really got to brush with this subject such as using Louisa and the Flexer. So who exactly is the Flexer? Well the Flexer is Prince Gunther and he has green hair and he picks his nose and it gets worse... He is Olivia's dance partner and he squeezes her fingers really hard while they are dancing...I'm pretty sure most of us are formulating some sort of judgement right now. But this exact concept is what Meg Cabot explores which makes me want to give her a hug because she explored this topic perfectly to explain towards kids. And this is not all of the story... I'm honestly surprised how Ms. Cabot was able to compact all this story information in this book... So Princess Mia Thermopolis... Remember her??? Gosh, the Princess Diaries is the most hilarious series ever (with a more mature taste)... I read most of the books in the Princess Diaries series and I was so excited when Princess Mia was one of the characters in this book. And the movies are the best... I personally like the second movie the best... but just watch it ore read those series!!! Anyways... Princess Mia needs to finish preparing for her marriage ceremony... but one thing... there's only a couple of days till the wedding (uh oh), many conflicts about the color of the dresses (white vs. purple), and the top part of the cake was eaten (DUN DUN DUNNING... wait by who???)! There are soooooo many problems right now while Olivia is just getting used to being a princess and finding friends. This book is amazing and all of you guys that want to princesses or princes should read this book to learn how to be a proper princess or prince because it's not about what you have. And just a couple more tips before I start rambling... "5 bathing suits is fine to pack.. because after all you can never have to many of anything except enemies," Grandmere is a very smart lady and when you dine with the royal subjects in Genovia, the bread plate on you left is yours and the glasses on your right is yours. This sweet, sentimental story about how a princess is learning about how the world works (also by getting trained by Grandmere), we go on a roller coaster with Olivia reading about the ups and downs... Enjoy!
    Over 4 years ago
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    Beware: You'll immediately be wanting to do these DIY projects enlisted in the book below. So Nick and Tesla literally did the impossible... and I mean what else is next??? Am I right... well they need to find their parents, whom have been quite absent throughout the first couple of books, but the thing is they have no idea where their parents are located.... DUN DUN DUNNNNNN... now I just wrote the intro and it already has a cliff hanger... yes believe me... you'll find Nick and Tesla's parents... but we first need your wits in order to read this book and get inside this adventure with them... I loved how the author incorporated facts that have to do with the real world of science... and the DIY's were awesome... On Youtube, I'm always awed at what others can do when they post DIY videos... but there's only one problem... I rarely make anything... however when I read this book I was enhanced by the different technology that this setting was placed and you could make a secret listening device, a hot dog cooker, and much more... the hot dog cooker is such a creative mechanism that is on my To Do List... Now I'm a little off topic... however... I really loved this fast read... One word of advice... remember all characters even though they might seem foreign especially (SPOILERS) a specific agent... Sorry I had to... But people who are amazed in our technology and wants to invest in our technology world... because you never know... our world (later in 2050-3000) might turn into a set in Nick and Tesla's book series... so hope you enjoy!
    Over 4 years ago
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    Ever heard the phrase "double trouble"? Well, that is exactly what my older brother and sister (skydragon) are sometimes! When they're mad at me or someone, they're really good at revenge! Even worse, they're twins! But they can be so nice that they are like my nemesis-allies. :) LOL
    Over 4 years ago

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