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    If you like funny books this is the book for you paper towns by John Green is one of the best books i've ever read if you want to find why keep reading. This book is one of the best books i've ever read.I really would suggest this book if your 7th grade or older because it has some bad language. The book takes place was orlando florida .the protagonist is margo.the antagonists is lacey.margo bringing his girlfriend over to his weird parents house.i recommend this book if you are a mature person and reader because it has some language.
    Almost 4 years ago
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    A war filled with planets and spacecrafts that are beyond our reach for the stars. Having deaths and wars between the same race is like killing thousands among thousands of people everyday. Many suffer, many die, but space will not get any more crowded in this atmosphere. Based on Future presents this book it doesn't exactly have a time period. The book Dove Alight by Karen Bao, Phaet the protagonist, has to go through a war filled with death and many teams against each other. The committee the antagonists of the story, make it hard to be happy and move on from past mistakes and also stops Dovetail trying to make peace and rise up to the committee by collaborating with others. Phaet is a war girl and she tries to make the best decisions possible for her siblings and friends, and one of the conflicts she had was to speak up among thousands of people who could reject her idea. Phaet is also struggling with her siblings joining in this war like region. The content in this book would be appropriate for 6 up, the reasoning I say 6 up is because of the somewhat heavy topics and it’s really hard to pronounce or read some of the words in this book.
    Almost 4 years ago
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    By John Green
    Almost 4 years ago

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