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    The genre of this book is adventure and the author is Mary Pope Osborn. In the begging Jack and Annie saw the magic tree house and inside there was an invitation to Camelot and on the invitation was an M and they thought it was an invitation from there friend Morgan.Than in the middle they saw there friend Morgan she told jack and Annie that the invitation was not from her and it was from the dark wizard. Then in the end Jack and Annie returned the water of Memorize and helped king Arthur. The main characters are Jack and Annie. They were not very smart in the beginning and they did not know how to do anything in Camelot and did not know how to do magic.next the main characters changes in the end of the story because they did not know what to do then in the end king Arthur got the water of memorize from jack and Annie.’’on page 105 paragraph 2 it say that Jack and Annie went to the other world to get the water of memorize for king Arthur.One unanswered question I would like to ask the author.‘’Is when was the book made.The thing I most enjoyed in the story was when Jack and Annie the met the magical wizard because Jack and Annie got to see the wizard do magic.I would command this book because it is an interesting because you would get to see what would happen if you went on a adventure.
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